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Awarded with the Klaas Dijkstra Academieprijs 2018.

An interactive performance research.
Two performers behind a stand - the wardrobe of exchange.
The viewers can leave their coat & personal belongings at the wardrobe and receive an outfit & an exercise in return. The exercise involves an object and is supposed to be performed for the duration of 7 minutes at a certain location. The locations are "inbetween-places"; places of transition which are usually rushed through and overseen. The exercises are supposed to help to get the viewer into a feeling/atmosphere connected to either stagnation or transition.

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click here for video of an overview of the procedure

Performers: Carolina Burandt as Hashimo Kohlrabi & Franca Burandt as A-Sista-Lee & visitors of the exhibition "Headliners" @ the Suikerunie, Groningen, the Netherlands