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Three Interns in search of a life-task - in the anonymity of an open-plan office, metamorphoses are intimated.

1000 Tabs questions the self-evident nature of the linear time construct and its consequences in neoliberal capitalism. The connections and symbiotic Relationships of language, time and space are questioned, examined and newly composed. Thus we follow the history of the "intern", the modern "Zwischenmensch", who are working in a multinational gigantic corporation to develop new time their employment begins. Contrary to expectations, the fields of activity however on rather senseless appearing tasks and soon find
the "interns" in the often overlooked spaces in between, such as corridor, staircase and toilet cabin again. However, they find in it the gap large corporation so compulsively to produce and manage to escape the linear time cage to escape. Chronological time is a symptom of grammar - the performance juggles and plays with modes and tempi, the german future 2 is used to describe presence and playback and synchronization, or their simulation to echo the present time. The real world is only one room - 1000 tabs are trying to prove this with the help of talking orchids, thinking printers and sanitary facilities full of dolphins.

premiered at Kampnagel, Hamburg, july 2020.

from & with:
Carolina Burandt (idea & concept, stage design, music, text & performance)
Sujin Lee (performance)
Marco Merenda (performance)
Johanna Winkler (costume design)
Avi Bolotinksy (video)
Natalie Baudy (dramaturgical advice)

fotos: Emma Szabó

artistic mentoring: Antje Pfundtner